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Shin Kye Precision (신계정밀)
Address 203-3, Paho-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Choi, TaeWon
TEL 82-53-585-6447
FAX 82-53-584-6447
Homepage Homepage
Employee 52
Date of Establishment 2001
About Us
We are a newly born manufacturer which started its first operation in 2002 since the establishment in 2001, and a medium size enterprise actively contributing in the domestic development of economy by exporting more than 70% of the products produced with its competitiveness in compliance with the technological trends in the international market, with the corporate principle of realization of customer satisfaction through the best quality and the superiority of technical competitiveness, and corporate management on the transparent and fair basis, and the production method melted together with our sincerity and spirit, regardless of its comparatively short company history.

With our motto of Work with thinking and help each other with loving, we are doing our best to make our company accident-free business and community-contributing entity with its employees` satisfaction to the company operation and the continuous revolutions and endless challenges.

Shingye Precision, as a manufacturer of milled processing of automobile parts and sub-assembly parts, is swiftly reacting to the rapid changes of the market by spreading our management revolution campaign from 2003 on for the purpose of the increase of productivity and the costs saving in production, the improvement in loss rate, etc., and simultaneously developing our domestic and international market for its ongoing growth.
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