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Address 14, Seongseogongdannam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Park, Daesung
TEL 82-53-585-1511
FAX 82-53-585-0104
Homepage Homepage
Employee 25
Date of Establishment 2001
About Us
Since it`s established Feb, 2001., Even if our company "Dae Sung Engineering Co., Ltd" got into the business late but has grown up based on competitive world-class technology.
Now "Dae Sung Engineering Co., Ltd" is preparing new challenge for the change and innovation.

We are trying to our best to developing new technical know-how and management of high quality since our company is specialty business enterprise basis longest experience and accumulated technology.

Also, we`ll do our best to have excellent relationship with all of our busines partners for the bright future.

According to our business contents what our company exports most of our sales amount to overseas, our pursuit of target is grow up infinitely with strongest global competitiveness.
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