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Human Plus Co., Ltd. (㈜휴먼플러스)
Address 1-62 Wolam-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Eunho Choi
TEL 82-50-7790-8908
FAX 82-53-719-3003
Date of Establishment 1999
About Us
1999.10 Human plus co., LTD. establish
2001.03 KyungsanUniversityIndustry-Academy Cooperation agreements
2002.01 Established R&D Institute[CENTER]
2002.02 LG electronics DID Division formed a partnership
2002.03 Small Business Administration technology innovation project promoter selection (wireless head set)
2002.03 Industrial Bank of Korea technology development demonstration Enterprise
2002.05 The 2nd Korea venture industry exhibition
2002.07 Samsung electronics SDI LCD ASS`Y SMD production
2002.08 Korea technology credit guarantee fund (kotec) (900MHz hand free)
2002.09 MotonicLPI DRIVER ASS`Y Production partner selection
2004.03 ISO9001 Certification acquire
2004.07 Samsung electronicsRegistered as a cooperated vendor of optical communications business unit
2004.10 Samsung electronics Network business unit manufacturer registration
2004.12 Hyundai ,KIA SQ MARK Certification acquire
2005.12 PyeonghwaAutomotiveDOOR LATCH SWITCH ASS`Y Production partner selection
2005.12 ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification promotion
2006.08 ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 Certification acquire
2008.05 PHA E&E PA, RB Actuators liberator production partner selection
2008.09 andongnational university research & Development Institute acquire
2011.02 HKMC YF/TF hybridOPU Production start
2011.07 Hyundai, KIA Motor Company Selected as the best line
2012.08 Daegu seongseo industrial complex of move
2012.10 HKMC VG, HG FPC (FUEL PUMP CONTROLER) Production start
2012.12 Green biz, Inno-biz certification acquire
2013.01 Hyundai, KIA Motor Company SQ assessmentS-grade certification
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