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Samwoo Co., Ltd. (삼우기업㈜)
Address 428, Nongong Jungang-ro, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president JunHyun Kim
TEL 82-53-670-1000
FAX 82-53-670-1019
Homepage Homepage
Date of Establishment 1988
About Us
Thank you for taking time to visit our website.

Samwoo Enterprise, started as the textile machinery company in 1970, has changed its business area to an automotive parts manufacturer and has reached one of top level company in South Korea.

We are now focusing on developing and manufacturing the noise & heat insulation parts and structural composites products, and also expanding the business areas to the energy industry by developing the wind power blade materials and the high-pressure gas cylinders.

In 2005, Samwoo founded the global base by building Beijing, Shanghai, and Yantai plants and has diversified our client base to China local companies. We have over 280,000 square feet plants and more than 200 employees in China and growing its size by over 30% every year.

Samwoo is launching a campaign to ensure the energy for growth with a new goal : A Global Top Quality Composite Provider. We will respond to the fast changing international automotive and energy industry by constructing an organic cooperation between our global sites and Korea headquarter. To this end, we will establish an advanced and globalized management system and spread a creative organizational culture that prioritizes customers.

Additionally, beyond pursuing profits, Samwoo will do our best to be an exemplary company which is socially responsible and ethically sound by putting our customers and employees at first.

Today, Samwoo will take another great step into the future to repay the faith and trust of our customers.
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