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Address 99, 1-gil, Secheon-ro, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president JEOM-SOO, Hur
TEL 82-53-586-9252
FAX 82-53-586-9259
Homepage Homepage
Employee 17
Date of Establishment 2001
Product Plastic Heald
About Us
NEGENTEC CO., LTD. - NEGENTEC(NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY), is a manufacturer manufacturing plastic reinforced heald using new production technology with high-solid compound plastic.
Plastic heald could not be combined to heald as catapulting under the thickness of 0.6m/m in existing catapulting method. However, with one and half year of hard work of NEGENTEC’s developers, catapulting under the thickness of 0.4m/m by new production method was achieved, and as the result, NEGENTEC has succeeded in manufacturing of plastic heald for the first time in the world and has come to manufacture the brand, `HIPER HEALD.`

As a specialized company concent

As a specialized company concentrated only upon research and production of plastic heald since its foundation in June, 2001, and by developing heald that had been highly dependent on import through accumulated technologies along with endless research and development, NEGENTEC CO., LTD. is now leaping as the leading company of the heald production industry in the 21st Century with the world leading technology. As the result of efforts to promote diversification of item by variously using NEGENTEC CO., LTD.‘s accumulated know-how and develop new products, NEGENTEC CO., LTD. has developed products for narrow-fabric(150m/m, 180m/m), plain wave(260m/m, 280m/m), CAM(302m/m), dobby(330m/m), C&J TYPE(280m/m, 331m/m), jacquard(350m/m), etc and high density, medium density, and low density products for each product, and equipped with mass production system. Aprt from these, NEGENTEC CO., LTD. is manufacturing and supplying industrial plastic healds, etc used in P.P loom, air bag weave.

The superiority of NEGENTEC CO., LTD.‘s plastic heald is recognized in the foreign markets including Japan and China apart from Korea, and especially in August, 2006, an international textile machinery maker, STAUBLI visited our company in person and adopted our NEGENTEC product among automatic plastic heald for weaver and NEGENTEC is currently supplying to an enterprise using automatic weaver of STAUBLI. NEGENTEC CO., LTD. has acquired patent on utility model in Korea and international patents in Japan and China, and based on these.

We promise you that we will strive for continuous improvement in technologies and do our best to become a company that can meet the expectation of the textile industry through researching and developing of new products in the future.