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Jerim Metal Co., Ltd. (제림금속)
Address #26-11, Nowon-ro 42-gil, Buk-gu, Dae-gu
president JEONG, WON-MAN
TEL 82-53-351-2460
FAX 82-53-351-0045
Homepage Homepage
Employee 1-50
Date of Establishment 19860526
About Us
Since our establishment as "Boo Sung Engineering Co., Ltd." In 1986, we started providing saw blade processing services and consistently accumulated know-how in saw blade processing based on technological improvement.
After changing the company title to "Jerim Metal Engineering" in May 1993, we began production of finished products and actively engaged in export to the international garden saw market by exporting to countries including the US, Europe and Australia. Currently, our main product line is garden saws and we are also manufacturing and internationally exporting Telescopic Pole saws and saw poles. With a monthly production capacity of 100,000 units, we take pride in our production facilities of international standards.
In addition, we have come up with enough saw handle designs to satisfy the diverse requirements of the international market through continuous research and development supported by organizations including the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. This achievement has given us a competitive edge in the international market which demands diverse designs as well as good quality and prices. As a result of such research and development, our ergonomic designs aimed at the safety and convenience of the consumers have further consolidated our corporate credibility by allowing us to register 10 utility models, 12 designs and 2 trademarks.
  • Curved Saw - JR 2980C Series Image
    Curved Saw - JR 2980C Series
  • Cutting Tools - JR 905 Series Image
    Cutting Tools - JR 905 Series
  • Cutting Tools - JR 1000 Series Image
    Cutting Tools - JR 1000 Series
  • Cutting Tools - JR 2004 Series Image
    Cutting Tools - JR 2004 Series
  • Straight Saw - JR 2960 Series Image
    Straight Saw - JR 2960 Series