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JINSAN Metal (진산금속㈜)
Address 193, top-ri, Cheukdong-myun, Sachun-si, Gyungnam, , Kyungbuk
president Hwang, ChungYong
TEL 82-55-854-7316
FAX 82-55-854-7455
Date of Establishment 2001
About Us
The find the infinite possibility of forging foundry!
To find the bigger world!!

JINSAN Metals inc. was founded in 2001 and has been trying hard to produce better quality products with all our hearts as one. We have been producing Outer Race that is central to automobiles as well as parts for 50 kinds of automobiles and heavy equipments. in particular, we have been producing vertically forged products with pressing out-forging technique, and also supplying these products to our customers.

We are now at the very important moment to be connected with new century.
In this steam of history, we are convinced that only prepared, creative and diligent people can become the leaders.

Accordingly, we are intending to become one of the leading companies of the world by being trusted through not only developing unique technology and improving quality but also supplying the products at the right moment to impress our customers including others.

"To find the infinite possibility of forging foundry! To find the bigger world!
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