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Pressure-Type Filter
Company Name Hyundai Jung Soo  Company Information   
Address 1148-2, Chimsan-dong, Buk-gu, Dae-gu
TEL 82-53-357-0444
Category Non-automotive / Water treatment
Keyword water treatment
Detailed Description

Filtering Equipment

Pressure-Type Filter
This equipment removes suspension (SS, floating material) and colloidal materials, by passing water through multi-layers of filtered materials with different sizes and specific gravities in the enclosed vessel.

Activated Charcoal Filter
This equipment removes organic materials and their odor, taste and color as well as hazardous chemicals like phenol, ABS and benzene, by utilizing porous activated charcoal with characteristic absorption capacity, and it is used for water purification and pre-treatment of RO system.
Filter for Iron and Manganese Removal
Water contains iron or manganese to a greater or lesser extent. Generally, water is colorless and odorless right after pumping water, but as time goes by, iron or manganese in water are oxidized by contacting air, so that brown or blackish oxides settle down Feroxer is an equipment to remove such iron or manganese in water.
Mobile Regular Filtering System
This system simultaneously filters and cleans without interruption, and additional units can be easily installed depending on the flow rate. This is also economic and practical with low maintenance cost.
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