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Business Details
Improve productivity and
competitiveness through
informatization and manpower
1.Organizational and Functional Revitalization
  • Maximize organizational functions
  • Ensure the internal stability of operation
  • Constantly push forward the computerization of work
  • Expand information interaction and links between each type of business
2. Suggesting Policies and Difficulties related to Company Management
  • Find out difficulties in the business field
  • Conduct research on medium- and long-term development plan for the industry
  • Conduct survey analysis of domestic and foreign business trends
  • Do the research on the organization's ability to propagate
  • Develop and research new businesses
3. Technical Manpower Cultivation
  • Customized technical manpower cultivation
  • Provide training of recruitment package
  • Provide training for field skills to enhance the personal structure
  • Cultivate talented people through vocational training consortium
  • Help young interns to find a job
4. Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Ensure a stable supply of raw materials
  • Collaborative selling of products
  • Share the collaborative buying support system
  • Expand public facilities and collaborative complex
  • Collaborative selling and showcase operation
5. Guidance and Support Work
  • Cope with domestic and foreign business environment and advance business ethics
  • Collect information on management and new technology
  • Provide training on management and technology
  • Create more jobs and hold job fairs
  • Operate counseling office and general consulting
  • Benchmark a case of leading company (reportorial visit to the company)
  • Strengthen information interaction and cooperation between industry-academy-research
  • Hold exhibitions on machinery at home and abroad
  • Develop new technology and outstanding products
  • Operate collaborative display showcases and exhibition halls
  • Hold specialty exhibitions overseas and dispatch market development team
  • Collect information on the environment of international trade and industry
  • Conduct overseas market research and marketing
6. Informatization
  • Expand information and innovation cluster
  • Build a network between the organization and member companies
  • Implement training programs related to data processing
  • Build a web portal and operate and manage it
7. Strengthening public relations
  • Get involved in government policies and publicize them
  • Propose to government