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Hello. I am Choi Woo Gak , the 23nd Chairman of Daegu
Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative.

First, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.
We encourage autonomous economic activity of members and aim to improve their status and to accomplish balanced development in the national economy through sound development of small- and medium-sized businesses in machine metal industry as well as mutual exchange of information and cooperative support between members.

Our cooperative will put forth every ounce of our energies to improve business competitive power by coping actively with the rapidly changing economic environment and strengthening the solidarity between members with solutions for further development of company management through revitalization of organization, business management support, retraining of employed workers as well as training technical professionals, joint & cooperation project and informationization construction project.
We will always strive to listen carefully to the voice of the business field and actively improve ourselves to be the cooperative which is open, faithful, and full of energy.

We wish that many people will share and use our website as a place for information exchange and conversation, and we ask for your continued interest and support.
Thank you very much.

Chairman of Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative
Choi Woo Gak