Roles and Functions

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Roles and Functions We do our best to accomplish the independent
economic activities and sound development of the
machinery industry in the region.

Collaborative Work
  • Collaborative buying (castings, steel plates, gases, etc.)
  • Collaborative selling (machines, tools, equipment)
  • Cooperation complex and public facilities management
Guidance(Support) Work
  • Seminar, Training
  • Job creation
  • Exhibition, Industry inspection
  • Coping with international environment and advancement of business ethics
  • Technology development support
  • General consulting operation
  • Strengthening the cooperation between industry-academy-research
  • Improvement of the members' status
  • Sarangbang regular meeting
Planning Investigation and Research
  • Organizational and functional revitalization
  • Strengthening the links between each type of business
  • Promoting the welfare of members, protecting and representing their rights and interests
  • Finding out difficulties in the business field
  • Research on medium-and long-term development vision
  • New businesses development and research
Industrial Manpower Cultivation
  • Training for technical manpower cultivation
  • Training for the improvement of incumbents' job ability
  • Training of field skills
  • Helping youth interns to find a job
Overseas Marketing
  • Overseas buyer development
  • Supplier database management
  • Overseas exhibition & business meeting arrangement
  • City's overseas trading support
  • From invoice to production delivery support
Public Relations Project
  • Involvement in government policies and promotion
  • Proposal to government
Informatization Construction Project
  • Expansion of information and innovation cluster
  • Building a network between the organization and member companies
  • Implementation of training programs related to data processing
  • Web portal establishment and operation management